Patreon Schedule and Tier Levels

Hello Everyone,

I’m not sure if any of you remember that on my IG and Twitter I posted that in September I would be starting my patreon. Well since it is September 1st I wanted to go ahead and break it down and let you guys know exactly what I’d be offering on my Patreon and for what prices. I will also cover how it all connects and how it works with another project that I am working on.

First things first, let’s talk about the different tier lives, pricing, and what you get.

  1. The first tier is simply like a donation or support tier, this tier is just for people who aren’t really looking for any contact but simply want to support me (which I GREATLY GREATLY GREATLY appreciate. This tier is $1. For this tier level I will still be providing you with the weekly newsletter that all patrons will receive.
  2. The second tier is the lower tier in which you will receive one of my creative pieces. For this tier I will be providing one piece of poetry in addition to the newsletters weeky. This tier is just $5.
  3. For the third tier you will of course be getting more content. Once you upgrade to this tier you actually receive a total of 5 poems as well as you get to do author Q&A’s with me. I would be opening the Q&A up for the first week or so of the month and then on the second Friday I will post the answers to the question (I’ll into more detail about the schedule later). The price for this tier is $10 per month.
  4. The fourth tier will include everything listed above AND a short story. Each short story that comes out will be consecutive until a new series is started. I anticipate the first series being about five or sixth stories long. Each story will be able to be formed into a short novella related to a longer novel series that I am also working on right now. The pricing of this tier is $20.

So that is all the tiers for now although I do plan to add some more as time goes on. I want to get used to providing the tiers I already have available for sign up before I add any more to my plate.

Patreon Posting Schedule

Okay, so…I wasn’t sure if there was some sort of standard I was supposed to stick to so I just decided to go ahead and create my own schedule. I’m definitely open to feedback if people think I should release content in a different manner but for now this is what I have:

  • First Friday’s of the month: On this Friday I will release the newsletter and the first poem. So for the month of September that’s going to be on this upcoming Friday September 4th where the first content will be released.

Second Friday’s of the month: On second Friday’s of the month I will be releasing four more poems and the author Q&A. On the week leading up to the author Q&A I will open up a google form for questions and I will go through and record a video of myself answering all questions answered within the timeframe. I highly doubt you guys will ask me so many questions I’ll have a hard time listing it in one video BUT if it ever does happen I will release them in a two part series spaced a week apart. The four poems that are going to be released on this day will also be connected to the poem that was released on the first Friday in the sense that they will all follow a particular theme for the month. There will also be a weekly newsletter posted.

Third Friday’s of the month: On the third Friday’s of the month I will be releasing probably my most excited thing for the month and that is a short story! I will describe the premise of the short story below. There will also be another weekly newsletter posted.

Fourth Friday’s of the month: So I’m actually not doing this for the first month but I will be adding a tier that will include my notes, sketches or artwork I make for my WIP or the short story series. I will also be posting in Chapter Outlines (that don’t spoil anything) and any notes on writing form. This will be the last tier I create until I reach a certain income level.

Okay so this sounds exciting so now what?!

Well now I get to tell you about the short story series. The series is going to follow a young, beautiful, and powerful sorceress from the Village of Denali, named Azraa who, after attending many council meetings with her mother, “accidentally” falls in love with the oldest Prince from the kingdom, Prince Matthew. This wouldn’t be a problem except for the fact that their families come from families of rival countries. The two struggle to stay loyal to their families but can they continue to resist the attraction they feel towards each other? Or will they defy their families in the name of love?

Okay. I know it sounds a little cheesy but I promise you it’s worth it! I’ll be posting an excerpt from the story next week so you’ll have time to subscribe in time for the first story in the series.

Anyways, stayed tuned for more details and sneak peeks. If you want to subscribe head on over to .

Stay Positive,

BriAna ❤


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